Why Process Bot

A business user with basic programming knowledge can build digital workers with Process Bot. Actual automation happens when a business user automates the processes. If you still need help, just drop us a message. We will be happy to build robots for you free of cost. It can help you in multiple ways:

  • Reduce Operational Cost by 25% - 50%
  • Earn 4X ROI on RPA
  • 25% - 40% improvement on productivity
  • Digital Workers can provide 20% of FTE capacity

Cognitive Bot

In many business processes, we need humans to understand documents, recognise images, data patterns, etc. to make decisions. We embed cognitive AI technologies into RPA workflow. This helps in multiple ways -document understanding of all kinds, image recognition, object detection, screen capturing, data scraping etc. We provide a complete Cognitive Automation solution to your business process needs.

Value proposition

Process Bot is loaded with extensive features to automate any tasks, any processes, any application workflow, and any businesses. Add value to your business process with the power of Process Bot.

  • Web & Desktop App Automation

  • Cloud Deployment

  • Scheduler

  • Attended & UnAttended

  • Orchestrator

  • Document parsing

Build enterprise robots

DW Maker is loaded with robust features and designed to create powerful robots which can run in a robust enterprise environment. Business users with even a basic-level training can build robots to automate their own processes.

Build your enterprise Robot

(Repeat of the previous section? It may be renamed as ‘Activate enterprise robot through DWMaker’) Our DWMaker is designed for business users with minimum tech background. Business users can easily make Process Bot based on their requirement and remotely use them. It’s simple. Register in our site through a simple process. Install and Activate the DWMaker in your system . Once done, Log in through the Orchestrator Dashboard and connect with DWMaker using the Machine/Host Connect. You can publish your first Robot using simple set of commands. Publish your pool of digital workers and manage remotely from orchestrator. The steps may be summarized as:

  • Register
  • Sign in Orchestrator
  • Publish Robot
  • Download DW Maker
  • Connect with DW Maker
  • Manage from Orchestrator

Know Process Bot

Process Bot is a RPA solution that consists of DWmaker and Orchestrator. DWmaker is a tool that is used to build robots. Orchestrator is designed to monitor, manage and measure Digital Worker’s performance. A combined action of both results is delivery of impeccable business processes.

We have two solutions ready for your business needs.

Process Bot Suite

If you want full control over servers, tools, PBS is designed for you. Download DWmaker, install it in your local PC or server, create Digital Worker with it, and see them in action through Orchestrator.

Process Bot Cloud

PBC is designed for those who don't have an IT team to manage infrastructure. It is also apt for those who don’t want to bother about managing servers and just want to focus on automation. The Process Bot Cloud comes as an integrated cloud platform and one can start the automation instantly.


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